Transforming the Customer Experience - Digitally

Digital transformation is key to improved workflows and process automationResearch and consulting firm Celent is presenting a webinar on a timely topic addressing the way financial services providers can improve doing business in today’s digital age.

The webinar, entitled “Digital Transformation in Insurance: Differences across Continents” is scheduled for Wednesday, September 24 at 11am EST. Celent Senior Analyst Nicolas Michellod will discuss digital transformation as it applies to insurers across the globe.  

Digital transformation is key when dealing with the challenges associated with document output, customer communication management, improving workflows and process automation. By looking at the initiatives, investments and programs utilized by insurers in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and North America, this webinar sets out to demonstrate the advantages of digital transformation. Celent will have 2 subsequent webinars as part of this series addressing legacy and ecosystem transformation as well as innovation.

The ability to automate customer communication is essential moving forward for businesses as consumers seek out companies who deliver messaging according to their preferred channel. According to Michellod, “Leveraging multichannel communication and interactive documents is key for insurers that want to improve the way they communicate.” CEDAR Document Technologies was recently featured as a solution provider in their report entitled “Document Automation for Insurers: 2014 ABCD Vendor View”. You can read the report on the Celent website