It's Not A Document Issue — It's A CORE Issue

core servicing issueCompanies that depend on document-based communications are struggling to keep up with the demands of customers and regulators. Customers have a heightened expectation of superior customer service, on and offline. They expect their service providers to be in touch with technical capabilities that will provide better, customized customer experiences and faster issue resolution.

However, most businesses lack the right workflows and systems to provide this standard. 

Fear of costly fees from state and federal regulatory requirements force businesses to reevaluate their approach when producing document customer communications. However, most companies are using outdated customer communication management processes that don’t fit these critical needs. Often their IT organization does not have the skill set to integrate these processes across multiple systems and departments.

In an attempt to fulfill these demands, companies try to approach their “document issue” as problems arise. Whether it’s integrating multichannel delivery preferences, adding tools for content management for communications, or a complete overhaul of their core system, these methods put you at risk for more inefficiency, time delay, and added costs.

It’s important for companies to view this document issue as a fundamental issue in order to drastically improve their core customer communications workflow. By taking this approach, companies can achieve the following:

  • Improvements in customer communications
  • Reduced regulatory compliance risk
  • Enhance business agility
  • Profitability

Our latest perspective paper from our Challenger Series, “You think you have a Document Output problem…but that’s just a Symptom”, examines the underlying causes of a poor customer communications, as well as provides recommendations on how to address the problem holistically for company-wide benefits. 

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