Reassessing Complacent Expectations

mortgage lettersToday’s mortgage stakeholder is busy. Not just busy, but “crazy busy”. This leads mortgage decision makers to prioritize projects based upon perceived complexity. Priority is given to those issues that - on the surface - seem easiest to fix. This is a completely understandable position, to be sure, but one that tends to make the status quo more intractable every day. Moving forward in the “new normal” of the current mortgage servicing market requires a willingness to be proactive rather than maintain the status quo and hope for overall economic conditions to improve.

So while wholesale systemic changes seem monstrously complex, where can an organization make meaningful progress while simultaneously laying the groundwork for future innovation? Perhaps the answer lies in the most basic communication medium employed today – letters.

If your company uses any of the major systems of record—LPS, FiServe, Harland, et al—chances are you have issues with your letter-based communications.

The issues I'm talking about are:

    • Silo’ed “workstations” that inhibit collaboration
    • Antiquated user interfaces that are inefficient and less than optimally productive
    • IT-centric change management that delays response to borrower issues
    • Ad hoc letter restrictions that cannot incorporate variable fonts, bolding & highlighting, table insertion, or any of a multitude of simple Word-based functions
    • Size limitations requiring multiple individually created and saved documents for a single multi-page letter
    • Significant lack of content and composition control at the business user level

Sometimes, despite its problems, we carry on with a process because the problems inherent within it are perceived as either too big to address or too familiar to consider changing. But real change has to start somewhere. Why not take a look at CEDAR and what we can do for your most basic – and most important – communications medium?


CEDAR's Rapid Letters™ interface lets your business users personalize and send ad hoc documents using pre-developed templates while they have the customer on the phone. And, it gives them the power to drive and maintain regulatory compliance of all letter content without the need for an I.T. project.

Mortgage Rapid Letters

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