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Implementation Budget Going Down The Toilet?

A friend recently experienced a leaky toilet. Thank goodness instead of calling me, he called a plumbing company to address the issue, and it was resolved successfully within a few hours. Yet a couple weeks later, he received the bill and was flabbergasted. The total was twice as much as he had expected. After a little reflection, he realized why. Instead of sending one plumber, which in his opinion would have been sufficient based upon the issue, the company sent two. He hadn’t thought of it at the time, but each man was being billed by the hour independent of the other. What took a few hours in real time took several in billing time.

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Customers and Employees Reflect Diversity

Finding and retaining top talent in today’s market has little to do with the incentives of yesteryear, and it’s a challenge I think most companies today are dealing with in one form or another.  Ironically, the issue parallels the demands we see in today’s customers. Flexibility, enhanced technology, and personalization are key factors.  Suits?  Ties?  Boardrooms? As this new generation of workers might text: LOL.

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The Many Joys of Moving

Almost everyone has moved at one time or another, some of us from state to state, some from country to country, and others simply from office to office. In thinking about it, I would have to say that of all the many “joys” associated with moving—packing and unpacking, damaged furniture, cleaning—the most “rewarding” task has to be painstakingly updating my address dozens of times. It can certainly be discouraging to fill out form after form and wind up only marginally successful for your efforts. Unfortunately, it’s been my experience (and perhaps yours as well), that of all the companies I do business with, my insurance carrier tops the list of those with the most frustratingly inefficient processes.

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