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High Stakes for Customer Experience & Loyalty

As enterprise communication strategies play a bigger role in customer experience and loyalty, there is an increased need to re-engineer the end-to-end processes for managing core servicing document output to resolve document related issues at their origin.

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Upcoming Webinar: October 1st at 12PM EST

Legacy document systems and processes can no longer support the numerous application and underwriting workflows that come with mortgage loan modifications. Further, the industry is struggling with increasing compliance demands, high loan delinquency rates and shrinking loan profitability.

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Upcoming Webinar: September 17th at 11AM EST

Enterprise communication strategies are playing a bigger role in customer experience and loyalty these days. This means increased pressure to re-engineer the end-to-end processes required to manage core servicing documents and on-demand letter output. Not addressing issues at the front end of the process guarantees increased problems at the backend – with your document outputs and customer interactions.

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The Power of The Bundle

Cross-sell. Up-Sell. Trans-Promo. Bundling. There are a bunch of marketing terms to describe the process marketers go through to get clients of one service or product to buy another, and another.

So why all the fuss?

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7 Little Known Truths of EIPP [INFOGRAPHIC]

Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) offers organizations a simplified accounts payable process that can grow as your needs change. With maximum flexibility and choice, EIPP allows you to select the level of payment automation that is right for your organization from payment to processing to financing. But there's more!

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Exceed Customer Expectations with EIPP

As we've learned over the past two decades, the most disruptive change to happen in our day to day lives is our ability to communicate with one another. We are able to connect with people—and businesses— instantaneously at many different levels at a very low cost.  So failure to take advantage of technologies to manage or enhance all aspects of the customer relationship is to disregard the powerful influence of the web and its distinct advantages in cost, speed and interaction over “snail mail” and paper invoices that require manual handling throughout the invoicing process.

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Welcome to the CEDAR Blog!

Welcome to the new CEDAR Document Technologies blog!  For the past 20 years, CEDAR has been a pioneer in the field of customer communications management (CCM), and our team of subject matter experts have a wealth of experience they are anxious to share.  Our new blog will provide best practices, tips and insights into how you can drive better business results through improved customer communications.

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